Monday, September 12, 2011

My first pregnant cold :(

So I seem to have caught my first pregnancy cold...and it sucks ass. I've had the dreaded pregnany sinitius thing where I am always sneezing and blowing my nose anyway but it has progressed into a full-blown cold complete with no sleep the previous night before. I don't even know why I'm at work today.

So while I was in the bathroom at work this morning, blowing my nose, peeing for the 100th time, I noticed something about myself. This is a little-known fact about me...I hover EVERY SINGLE TIME I use a public restroom. I have done this for as long as I can remember and probably built up some serious leg muscles as a result. Now that I am 22 weeks pregnant and 15lbs heavier, I wonder if my toilet-hovering days will soon be over. Does this mean I have to actually take the time and line up pieces of toilet paper just so I can enjoy a pee? I mean, I understand that is a must for a #2 but that's serious business....but for a pee?!? Come on!!! At the frequency of my bathroom trips, that will surely add an additional 2.5 hrs in my bathroom time. Well, my plan is to hover for as long as I can and hope that it will somehow contribute positively to natural childbirth techniques when its time to pop this baby out.

The other thing that I think about sometimes (or quite frequently) to the point where I obsessively calculate the # of lbs I am supposed to have gained to be on target every week, is my weight gain, aka fat fears. I had told myself early on that 30lbs is my maximum. I don't want to gain more than 30lbs during this pregnancy. I see some of the other pregnant women who gain weight on every part of their body and I shudder. I can't help but think you get really fat when a person grows in your body, but I would also like to point out that babies do not grow in your arms, thighs, or face, so those things better not get fat. Please send good skinny vibes my way...

One thing we can cross off our to-do list...Hot Pants and I have finally completed our registry! It took a lot of time plus blood, sweat, and tears getting me interested enough to have it completed, but its done! I can now rest for a week before starting on another "project."

HP asked me last night if we can slap Peach on the side of his/her head if they ever start talking with a Southern accent. I doubt that will ever happen but I can't say its not a fear of mine. The South is ok and all but I don't really want to be "fully integrated" into the South... especially not while we are still plotting our escape. One reason is that the South is still bitter about the Civil War. They call it the War of the States, the war of nothern aggression, and the war of southern independence, but NOT the Civil War. Topics that include Civil War, Obama, slaves, calories, avoid. Grits, Walmart, being in the military, sweet tea, college basketball, butter, talk as often as possible. Is this really where we want to be for the majority of Peach's formative years? hmmm something to think about. Who knows we probably will be stuck here for awhile so we better make the best of it and hope that they end segregation in schools (kidding). We just wish for a more culturally diverse environment, that's all.

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