Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Knowledge is power

We now know a little more about the occupant inside my belly. According to our sonogram yesterday, "Peach" is measuring right on target, heart is beating beautifully, and appears to be healthy and in great shape. Yipee! We were also able to see some x-rated stuff, albeit grainy and ink-blotty, but we were still able to see the sex.

Peach yawned during the sonogram and it looked like an alligator-alien-fiend. It pretty much confirmed I had an alien parasite feeding off me.

So now that we are pretty much halfway through the pregnancy, its crunch time for getting everything ready for the baby. Here is a list of the things we need to start doing the next few months:

-Complete registry
-Think about labor and delivery plans. Read those books you purchased.
-Schedule a hospital maternity/nursery tour
-Decide if childbirth/parenting classes are necessary
-Decide whether or not a doula is necessary
-Plan NY trip at end of Oct (non-baby related)
-Prepare birth plan
-Call heath insurance about due date
-Finish nursery

Gotta get crackin'! I leave you with this new picture of Peach at 19 weeks.
See if you can make out this supposed human baby...

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