Thursday, August 18, 2011

Doctor's visit next week

...and I can't wait!!! When I first got pregnant, I did some research into which type of prenatal care I wanted - an obgyn or a midwife. I normally would prefer the holistic approach but I didn't know anything about babies and weren't sure if midwives used real science or just magic. Then I found a doctor with wonderful reviews. I switched obgyns immediately even though my new doc is 40 mins away.

You see, the obgyn I used to have is the same obgyn I had since I moved to Winston-Salem 4 yrs ago. I chose her because I liked her name and she was pleasant when we met. Our relationship consisted of 3 annual encounters and I wasn't sure how to measure her up. I mean, really, the stakes have been changed now that I need to make the decision based on the fact that this person could be pulling a screaming creature out of my triangle some day. This decision was not to be made lightly.

And so I am 18 weeks in and quickly approaching the halfway point. I figure it would be a good time to reflect on the past 18 weeks my belly has been growing (10.8 lbs to be exact!) and share often unspoken shocking facts that I learned since getting knocked up. Here I present to you, 10 shocking facts 18 weeks of pregnancy has taught me:

1. PEE - guess what? I can do a cool trick now. I drink water and watch it flow from my bottle, to my throat, and straight out my bladder.
2. Not only is my belly growing, but so is everything else. My arms, sides, thighs, and body parts I didn't even know I had are getting bigger by the day. The other day when I wore a dress, MY THIGHS ACTUALLY RUBBED TOGETHER WHEN I WALKED. This can't be good.
3. Google isn't always a pregnant girl's best friend. I can't tell you how many times I looked something up based on what I read and I swear I'm either going to start bleeding profusely down there or contract some mysterious disease and give birth to a stillborn.
4. Fitted pregnancy shirts are better than the flowy kind. At least you can tell I'm pregnant and not just really fat.
5. People are extremely noisy. I know they are just trying to be helpful but I don't care about your advice or how it was like 20 yrs ago when you were pregnant. If I wanted to know what it was like, I'd consult the google doctor(see #3).
6. Now that I'm pregnant I find that I am more liberal with broadcasting the gross side-effects of pregnancy...the gas, bloating, hairy stomach (yes, my stomach got really hairy), ....I never thought I would be like this but I just don't think I give a shit anymore.
7. Laziness has become my middle name, but so has sleep, nap, do-nothing, relax, and chill. I have stopped taken any interest in the dogs and can't seem to get off my ass to spend any time with them outside.
8. Ironically, the times I DO get off the couch, the dogs are attached to me like a cell phone on a 15 yr old that loves to text. They must be next to me at all times now (it might have something to do with my shoving all sorts of foods in my mouth and them hoping to catch a crumb). Its too bad they don't hop in the shower with me; they can use a bath soon.
9. The wonderful sneeze and pee. Its bad enough I'm sneezing all the time now but I have to worry about pee escaping each time I do. Thank goodness for panty liners!
10. POOP. I'm not constipated but lets just say its not going well...

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