Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I have survived! Whoo hoo!!

My nausea has gone away for the most part. It felt like I would never feel normal again and it got worse the week before it got better but I am soo glad its finished!!

I am starting to show though when I weighed myself yesterday, I had only gained 2.2lbs. I feel like all my weight shifted to my stomach and now I am teetering on the line of "is she getting a beer gut??!.... or is she pregnant?" I can't wait to get out of these phase (for purely aesthetic reasons).

I am much more tolerable to be around and I actually have a little bit of energy to do things that does not involve the couch or bed or sleeping. I still can't make it outdoors because IT IS INSANELY HOT WHERE I LIVE. As soon as I go outside, I start sweating bullets. Plus, we have a heat advisory so if there's any time to trust the news, now is the time. Hot Pants thinks I'm just being whiny and lazy but then I remind him that I am busy growing a human being and he shuts up (not really).

Yesterday was our 2nd doctors visit. I had the dreaded pap smear and then the pelvic exam. Then we listened to the baby's heartbeat using this recorder looking device. At first, we heard a lot of "swooshing" which we learned were kicks! and then lots of movement! then some karate chops! and then finally the heartbeat. It was pretty neat. Fun fact I learned....the baby is not in your stomach...it is in your uterus. I think I knew this but I was trying hard to explain my imploding gut. Oh and speaking of, my stomach is a complete mess right now...I have these tiny red dots that look like acne but it comes and goes and reappears in different spots so I am not sure what they are. It is also extremely hairy. Hormones can be a bitch.

Our next appointment is Aug 22nd and we will most likely find out the sex of the baby! I swore Ian to secrecy about it and we have more or less come up with a name for each gender. That will be a secret too. I can't wait!

In the meantime, I am mentally preparing myself by watching lots and lots of natural birth videos. It is grotesque and leaves me with shivers and I don't think I can ever do it. But I guess I'm trying to psych myself out and imagine the absolute worst pain in the hopes I can get through it naturally. That's the goal. Not sure how realistic it is since I am a complete baby when it comes to period cramps. We shall see...

PS - Found out last week one of my good friends in NC is pregnant too!!!! It was a complete shock and she is 2 1/2 weeks behind me but I am grateful to have someone go through it with me. Her due date is only 18 days after mine!

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