Thursday, June 2, 2011

This raspberry is kicking my ass

According to the What to Expect website, this little horror monster in my stomach is the size of a raspberry. Who knew what a tiny little squishy fruit can wreck such the form of 5 meals a day with snacking in between and intense hunger pangs if food is not shoved in my mouth every 2 hrs. I fear I will blow up to great porportions by the end of my first trimester :-(

I am currently blogging from my hotel room in Milwaukee on a business trip. Good news is I did not vomit all over my seat partner on either flight though I did consume all sorts of airport junk like pizza hut, oreos, peanuts, sun chips, etc. Oh, its bad.

I got up at 6am this morning and promptly consumed a portion of hummus and pita chips, and 1/2 of a balsamic tofu sandwich. At 6am!!! Now I am winding down with a slice of chocolate peanut butter cake and some chex mix. It is only 10:30a (I am an hour behind EST) and I am going to lunch with a client at 11:30a. Think I can fit in a hearty lunch on top of that? You betcha!

I should probably weigh myself as soon as I get home...

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